This is an amazing project that anyone can participate in and make a difference to our mother nature. Volunteers on this project can be involved in tree planting, water conservation and many other meaning full community based initiatives. Most of these work is  done in non-governmental organization( NGOS or work groups) who specialize in environmental conservation

Amor Tanzania is an organization that is dedicated to assisting the Tanzanian society in conserving and protecting flora, fauna and the environment. Amor Tanzania would appreciate volunteers to come and help present conservation awareness education to various communities within the Arusha region. The organization has been facing a lot of challenges in providing awareness sessions to the many communities that are having difficulty in understanding the importance of conserving the environment and the protection of the flora and fauna within. They don’t understand the impact of ignoring conservation issues has on its people now and in years to come for future generations.

Volunteers do not need to have had any special environmental studies or experience but they should have a keen interest in the environment and the protection of the flora and fauna. The organization would expect the volunteers to work together with the staff at the office to organize informative presentations and methods of presenting them. Volunteers at this placement must be able to participate in any conservation activities that the organization has deemed necessary at any site.

Community Tree Plantings

Tree Nurseries

Forest Replacement