Star Academy

We provides a rich learning environment in which children can explore, interact and learn through the many aspects of their play.


Under the guidance of the local doctors and care takers, volunteers will take over various tasks such as patients care and may also assist in other medical tasks


Volunteers on this project can be involved in tree planting, water conservation and many other meaning full community based initiatives.

Empower youth

These is to empower youth through dancing by removing them from streets and give there lives something meaningful

About Us

Who we are:

KARIBU! Welcome to Tanzania, a beautiful land on the heart of savanna. We are here to provide opportunities for you to make positive contributions by working in our different programs and bring many meaning full changes of ideas in areas such as education, health, environment and empowerment of women and youths.

Amor Tanzania was founded by Elizabeth Ryula Maginga and her husband Bartholomeo Maginga in order to avail the great demand of cultural exchange programs and affordable projects with most transparency .

We are aProfessionalWonderfulFriendlyFantasticTeam!

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Our volunteering opportunities range from office work to event organisation to public awareness raising and fundraising.


Give for Good forever.

However you decide to donate to us, your money will go towards supporting the 2000 plus people that we work with each year.

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Build confidence to Children at early age through promotion of quality education and improved transmission rate.


Our Team

We Are Professional

Elizabeth Maginga

Founder & Director

Christopher Ngonyani